Smart Inventory Management with Growbal

One of the quickest ways to reduce the costs associated with your supply chain is to get your inventory and stock management systems under control. Growbal’s team of inventory experts can help you finetune your inventory management processes in no time.

Managing inventory is challenging

We understand the consequences of a poorly managed inventory system because we’ve seen it all before. We’ve seen businesses understocked and overstocked, delivering poor and inconsistent customer service, struggling with ordering costs, capacity and storage issues, dealing with downtime on their assets or unnecessary overtime and the resulting write-off costs. It’s a very hard system to manage which requires careful planning.

Our approach

We don’t just look at inventory as an isolated function, because that’s not how it works. Proper inventory consulting needs to look at these processes as a piece in your supply chain, which affects many other parts of your business. Hattie and the Growbal team will take a hands-on approach and jump into the trenches with you. We’ve helped many clients improve their inventory and streamline their business systems.

The Growbal Process

Our process follows three key steps. First, we look at your inventory from a strategic perspective, focusing on the structures, network, segmentation and stocking policies and processes that best fit your organisation’s strategy. We use our in-depth analysis tools and techniques that we’ve developed from decades of real experience. Our focus here is on helping you improve inventory turnover, customer service and cash flow while reducing storage and operating costs. We’re also experienced in cloud accounting platforms and can help you streamline your whole operations by integrating your inventory system with your accounting platform.

After the strategic analysis, we then help you operationalise the new or improved policies. We’ll help you set safety stocks and order quantities so planning and restocking can be carried out effectively. The last step is to conduct regular checks and reviews to make sure your inventory system is still working for your business.

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