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While the accountants at Growbal are experts in conventional accounting services and tax, we also provide specialised business advice to our clients. This helps the growth and development of their business and keeps them on track to reach their goals.

Business Planning

A great business plan should be at the core of your business. Growbal can help you get a solid plan in place that helps you reach your goals. We start by assessing your current situation and having a chat about your vision and values. Then we’ll sit down with you to create a clear business plan that you can use every day. We’ll identify goals, create a plan so you actually reach them and then match your performance against our projections in our regular reviews.

Cash Management

By cash management, we mean the way cash is collected, managed and invested for your business. We know cashflow is a problem for most business owners, regardless of the size or type of their business. We help business owners solve these cash flow issues by focusing on the flow of cash through a business. Growbal’s smart cash management strategies help you meet regular requirements like payroll with ease. We’ll also help you implement plans for unexpected expenses so you won’t have to stress when they arise.

Cashflow can be uncertain for many businesses. To combat this, a company’s cash management strategy should include a plan to turn over stock quickly to avoid lost sales, reducing accounts receivable days, assess future deficits or surpluses and choosing appropriate investments.

Accounting for Franchises

Growbal has a specialised understanding of franchises, the way they operate and the accounting problems they typically run into. Often we find franchise owners don’t understand the financial health of their business, are unaware of their tax and reporting obligations and find financial reports confusing. On top of this, franchises have a unique set of challenges including higher startup costs, payroll fees and franchisor reporting requirements. We understand franchises and we can help. Talk to our team to find out how we can help your franchise prosper.

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